Do you need a web host?


If you are a business owner, then web hosting is necessary as, at the moment, it is not a luxury that is optional. The world which is always connected, demands that the business has to be on an online page. As of now, every brick-and-mortar business should ensure that they are discoverable on the web. At the least, a company should have a page with business hours and location.

The reason behind that is that with word of mouth, it will get you far in this internet era. Several new businesses are discovered through google, bing, and yahoo. The days of yellow pages lookup are over. If you happen not to have a website address that is shareable, you will have high chances of being able to buildthe word of mouth online through social networking, go down.

Alternatively, it means no website, no money, no discoverability. You have to know that web hosting is not only for businesses. You can require a web host on a personal blog or website. Whatever the way, you need to be hosted on the web.

The first step in ensuring that you develop a website presence is by getting a web host. The company will store your files on the website on its servers and deliver them to the customer and the reader’s browser.

Web hosting services give various data transfer amounts every month, email, storage, and various other features. Every how you decide to pay, annual or monthly, can be different. And thus, you must take some time to plot on your company’s needs for online success.

Most of the companies that web host offer reseller hosting services, too, allow you to offer to host to your clique of customers without the need to spin up your servers.

You also have to familiarize yourself with the various web hosting tiers available in the market. When doing your research, you will come across virtual private servers – the VPS, shared,  WordPress, and dedicated hosting plans. Each of the tiers does offer various features and specs that you will have to take your time to analyze them well.

Shared web hosting

It is a web hosting where the provider is able to house various sites on one server.  You can take site A to share the same server with B, D, E, and F. The good thing about it is that the various sites end up sharing the costs on the server, and thus, the shared web hosting becomes inexpensive. It is possible to find an option that you will pay less than $10 in a month.

You can think of the sites sharing with you the server as roommates with not much separating you from them. It is possible to close the bedroom door, but they can still disturb you while in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In terms of web hosting, all the shared sites share one server resource, and thus if there is massive traffic of data from site A, it will impact the rest’s performance.