An animator is an artist who gives life to frames of multiple images to create an illusion of movement referred to as animation. Animators create films in various genre for production companies which majorly include animation studios and computer games companies. They also make animation an important medium of communication other than being just a source of entertainment since it is now widely used in areas of mass media and advertising industry.

As technology advances and so is the digital world. It progresses from time to time so the demand for animators is always at peak hence, the creation of animator teams across the globe. Donker Media, an animation studio from Eindhoven, is one of the emerging animation studios in the Netherlands. We are equipped with specialized and professional animators with many years of experiences who will only stop until our customers are satisfied.



Also, being an animator is a wonderful career since you will be able to give life to the things that are beyond possible. It does not limit to a single industry as well because the needs of an animator have been demanded diversely to industries like law, healthcare, film, education, television and gaming. These create a lot opportunities to all animators out there who want to become prominent in the field.


What are the skills needed to become an animator?

Having a passion in drawing or sketching is a vital skill needed to become an animator but technically not necessary. The most important ability to have is being creative and imaginative because what you will be doing should surpass your audience expectations. Another skill to consider is being meticulous in every detail since you are not only doing a single but multiple images in order to ensure the smoothness and accuracy of the movement. The fact that you’ll be doing multiple images requires you to be patient as well. A need of literacy in terms of computer tools and software is also significant in being an animator since CGIs (Computer Generated Imagery) is the trend nowadays.


Pros of being an Animator

  • An animator usually has a decent average salary of about $66,000 per year because of the skills needed and how detailed the work is.
  • They can always improve their skills by engaging in projects with various types.
  • Animators can work and interact with well-known industry leaders and learn from them.
  • They have more chances of being famous worldwide through their craft.
  • They are flexible in their work because most of them are self-employed or freelancers to save money for commuting, have the sense of freedom or independence, and be able to adjust work schedules.


Cons of being an Animator

  • They might exceed 50 working hours per week including night and weekend because they always need to meet deadlines.
  • Patience is a virtue because an animator must always be very keen to all the details.
  • Self-employed animators are solely responsible to every cost of equipment and supplies in his business as well as his successes and failures.
  • Freelancers must obtain their own clients which could be a reason for unstable pay and stress.
  • Must strictly follow working rules and demands.
  • Should be updated with all the changes in animation technology.