How to Hire a Direct Maid without Involving an Agent?


In Indonesia, many people are unemployed, especially women, and to earn some money, they work as a transferring employee. Some people opt for these women as a nanny for their babies so that they can spend their childhood under some safe guidance. The people who are busy enough with their office work and don’t get enough time to look after their babies and homes, then they opt for a Indonesian Maid (印傭). It helps the people have someone trustable who can take good care of their babies and their homes, and Indonesian people are trustworthy and helpful.

Usually, people don’t trust the people they hire, but Indonesian people are very helpful and have a polite nature. Most people prefer to hire such nannies without getting any agent involved in it to save some of their expenses. You can consider various steps to get some help in understanding the ways to hire an Indonesian maid for your home. If you want to learn those steps, it will help you get a direct maid without involving any agent in between; you can then consider the following steps.

Steps to Employ a Transfer Maid without an Agent

It is the new employer’s responsibility to complete the entire process of 30 days before their work permit gets expired.

  • First of all, the employer needs to obtain the consent of the transfer.
  • They need to confirm whether the current employer has sent the FDW for the six months medical exam or not and if the last exam was for 5 months, they should be sent the exam for one month.
  • After that, the employer needs to submit a new Work Permit Application for the maid so that she would stay for more time.
  • The next step would be to allow the FDW to start with the new employer, and after the new task permit has been issued, you can hire the maid legally.
  • Then you need to collect all the new Work Permit Card before opting for the transfer so that you can have the actual documents of her.
  • Once the maid is hired, the previous employer will take the maid’s responsibility until the new Work Permit is issued to the new employer.

These are the steps that can allow you to hire a direct maid without involving any agent in between, and it will also help you save your expenses. It will be great to hire the maid on your own as it will allow you to have the best maid with good behavior.

Wrap It Up

After paying attention to the above info, you will get to know the various steps in which you can hire a direct maid with lots of benefits and safety measures. Try to be active while considering the above steps to secure and secure hiring made with proper Work Permit documents. Once you understand the above steps, it will help you get the best Indonesian maid with proper knowledge about performing various household tasks.