Disadvantages of cloud computing


Your business might have been using other SaaS programs such as Dropbox. While the program might be beneficial and might help in making the employees live easy, but is it possible to rely on the programs to keep your information safe? What are the measures taken by providers such as cloud network services to make sure that your data is safe and available? Do they have terms that are going to support your business in case you are suffering a downtime?

The following are some of the disadvantages that you will need to consider:

Dependency on network connectivity

To be able to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, your business always has to have a connection on the internet. And there are no two ways around it. It would be best if you had a network to retrieve as well as sent files to the cloud.

You must have a network to be able to utilize your virtual machines even if you decide to use IaaS. In case your network gets lost because of an outage or storm, you might experience some downtime. However, if you have a good cloud network services provider, will assist you to be able to develop a plan for business continuity.

Limited features

Not all providers of cloud service providers are the same. When using cloud computing for backup and storage, you should be working with a provider offering the unlimited bandwidth value. SaaS offerings might begin with a package for free, but there are chances that you will be charged for extra space and premium offerings. Is it viable for your business? Is it going to afford the costs for the growth of the business?

Loss of control

You will be trusting another party to be able to take care of your data. You trust that they will be able to maintain the data centers as well as their servers the way you would do it, if not more. You will need to trust that the data centers providers are secured and compliant, both online and physically. You might find the lack of an inhouse control to be unnerving.

If that is your concern, you will need to work with a local contact partner. Try speaking one on one with their representative who will be able to address your concerns of access, learning about the measures that the cloud network services will be able to ensure the safety and integrity of their cloud services.


In recent times, cloud hacking has shown that not all cloud service providers are as secure as you might be made to believe. Being a business, you will not want to have your information that is sensitive about your client or your company fall victims to hackers. One of the main disadvantages is that you will not always know the provider whom you are supposed to trust. It is a cloud computing disadvantage that happens to be more prevalent, especially in SaaS providers as compared to hosted providers.