Things you should know before buying customized beverage coasters


Apparently, it looks like an exceedingly small decision to buy beer coasters but when you are required to make the purchase, it looks like a very daunting task. It is not like picking up a piece of cloth from the market. You should carefully analyze a lot of things before you make a final call. If you have no previous experience of purchasing this special item, you should research well before you buy it. In this article, we will guide you about certain elements which you should keep in your mind when you are placing an order for your first beverage coasters.

On what occasions you might need this?

If you own a restaurant or a bar, this is a must to have item. These coasters enhance the presentation and promotes your business on the go. It has many added advantages including protection of your furniture and providing drinks to your customer with respect. In addition to this, you might need to get these coasters printer for special events like weddings, seminars, and other business events. Many people give these coasters as complimentary gifts as a sweet gesture with an objective of promoting company’s brand name. These coasters are known by different names including but not limited to paper coasters, bar coasters, beverage coasters and beer coasters.


How these are manufactured?

There are different materials used in the manufacturing of these paper coasters. Some companies use the pulp board in manufacturing of these mats. If you are an environment conscious person, you should focus on purchasing beer mats which are manufactured from recycled materials. Further, there are two ways through which these mats are printed. First, these are printed with the help of vegetable inks, which are alcohol resistant and some companies will also provide you with digital printing. It is better to go with the former option as these are more durable and will last longer than your expectations.


Buying guide:

When you are buying these beer coasters, it is important to keep a lot of things in mind. When you consider all the special things, you make a smart choice. Following are some relevant points in this regard.


  • You should always pick an experienced company who has an experience of manufacturing these paper mats for a long time. There are many new companies in market, but you cannot guarantee the quality of work!
  • You should discuss the customization needs in detail. If you are not buying the original design, it is important to mention your needs to the company in a proper manner
  • You should carefully pick the thickness of the paper. These papers are available in different thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 2mm. It is better to go with the thicker option as it will be able to absorb more liquid and the life of the mat will be greater.
  • If you are going to use these paper mats for promotional purposes, you should involve your marketing department too and should get things done after taking their consent