Products that rejuvenate your hair


What is keratin?

Let’s define what keratin is, this is a protein that our body generates with a very resistant structure, but of which we produce very little. Thanks to keratin treatments, we can help repair and nourish our hair from roots to ends and also avoid frizz in hair without defined curls. The most outstanding characteristic of the keratin treatment is the repair of the hair fibers, nourishing it from the roots to the ends and giving it a more cared and silky appearance. In addition, it protects it from external agents such as dryers, hair straighteners or fixing chemicals. If you do a keratin treatment, your hair will be more restructured, with a lot of shine and with a smooth effect. It normally softens curls and enhances hair straightening. In many cases, what we are looking for is a permanent smooth, for this purpose the keratin smoothing is used, which is a variation of the product in the same chi keratin smoothing treatment, its effect is more powerful and long-lasting. Currently one of the products that is being used by most people is keratin, of which there are various brands and products worldwide, an example is CHI Keratine K trix

Who can use keratin straightening?

It is a very popular treatment, but keratin is not recommended for all hair types. With weak or very damaged hair, the properties of keratin cannot be used. Before being able to do it in these cases, it is necessary to carry out other treatments that hydrate and strengthen it. On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that the more marked the natural curl, the more difficult it is to achieve a perfect straightening. Of course, something must be taken into account, and that is that performing the keratin treatment can condition the type of curl

Are there other ways to straighten hair?

In view of the disadvantages that keratin has, talk about the presence of formaldehyde which is a toxic component of keratin, which caused international organizations to limit its use, this made the popularity of the initial products in a certain way keratin containing formaldehyde, decreased; For this reason, companies were forced to create formaldehyde-free products, such as CHI Keratin K-TRIX 5, other innovations in the world of hair care that can help you have your hair straight is Acid Hyaluronic, which leaves a smooth that is appreciated more naturally, and adds shine and softness. Then there are the anti-frizz methods, which consists of a lighter technique, eliminates frizz, hydrates and provides softness, shine and strength to the hair. There is also capillary botox, this product rejuvenates the hair due to the “botox effect”, which eliminates volume and rough ends. As you can see, there are multiple options that will allow you to have shiny, smooth and rejuvenated hair. Just as many professions have had great advances to treat or solve problems, which in the course of life are presented to people; the production of cosmetics has also had a great advance