Introduction to leg air compressors:

Leg air compressors are those machines or stockings that are worn by people to regulate the blood circulation in the leg to keep the leg in a normal state i.e. away from soreness, swelling and abnormal aching.

Sometimes calf muscles inside the legs get fatigued due to a tiring task or any sort of hectic routine. These fatigued muscles cause intense and ongoing pains in the particular part of the leg. To reduce or remove this pain, Leg Compression Machines are prescribed which give intravenous pressure to the walls of veins carrying blood. This helps regulate the blood circulation inside the veins of the leg.

Buying these machines comes easy to a corner. But, using them is a great task. You should know to use the options you have while using the machine to make it perform better or maybe up to the mark.


How to use the leg air compressors?

Below is a comprehensive guide to use Leg Compression Machines comprising of the easiest methods to use leg air compressors.

First of all, compression stockings are not only designed for legs, they can conveniently be used on thighs, arms and forearms etc. The machine comes with two cuffs which can be worn on legs, waist, thigh, arms or forearms; and a meter kind of thing which has various adjustments for speed and intensity.

  • The first step to use the Leg Compression Machine is to wear the cuffs or stockings carefully so that your affected part is adjusted comfortably adjusted inside the cuff and you don’t feel any problem in it.
  • The second step is to adjust the speed of the leg air compressor according to your own comfort level so that it would provide you with the most peaceful environment to your fatigues part.
  • The third step is the set the intensity level as per your own snug. This helps you provide the exact intensity which can soothe out your aches.

Note that the speed and intensity should be kept at optimum. If the speed and intensity is abnormally low, it’ll not perform as much as you desire. On the other hand, if speed and intensity is abnormally high, it can create high pressure in the veins causing them to rupture which will make it ache more.

  • Forth step is to turn the machine on.
  • Once the machine is on, you will feel completely calm and feel your legs, thighs and relevant parts to be relaxed.

For better performance, the leg air compressor should be used for 18-20 hours straight.

Above is the easy step to step guide to use leg air compressor.


The question actually that comes is how does it work?

The machine actually uses air in the leg cuffs to create rhythmic peristalsis which alternate contraction and relaxation in the muscles by applying a normal pressure on it. This activity ends up with quick removal of metabolic wastes such as acids from the aching portion providing a relaxation to the portion.