Considerable questions to ask yourself before you decide your Medicare Plan


It’s okay if any senior or any other Medicare beneficiaries would like to switch between their Original Medicare Plans. These Medicare Plans have been directed towards the elderly by the government. But when it comes to having Medicare Advantage, it is usually offered by private health insurance companies.

You can consider having Medicare Part G if you are not sure about your current Medicare Plan. If you want to be sure about getting the best Medicare Plan for yourself in the next year, make sure to read this full informative article we have created for you.

Questions to ask yourself before you decide

Did you have any issues with your last year’s plan?

  • Make sure to start thinking about your Medicare options by reviewing your current plan.
  • If you had a positive experience in the matter of your Medicare plan, you don’t have to think about changing your current plan in that case. You should only think about changing your current plan if there was any specific issue.
  • Even if you had no issue last year, if you think in the next year your current plan will not support some of your specific needs, you can consider changing it.

Will you be able to afford the same Plan next year also?

  • You need to think about how your current plan needs to fit in your budget even if you are not facing any issues from it.
  • Don’t forget to reevaluate your copays, prescription drug coverage, Deductibles, etc.
  • If you are receiving any extra benefits from your current plan which you don’t need, you can consider having a less expensive Plan.

Will you need Medicare Supplement Plans?

  • If you have already made the switch between original Medicare to Medicare Advantages, you will have to wait 12 months to switch back again.
  • This option will stay on Medicare Advantage Plans for 12 months only.

Are you planning to travel next year?

  • Those who have original Medicare will have the benefit of using it nationwide.
  • But people who have Medicare Advantage Plans will face restrictions in certain areas while traveling.
  • You should consider changing your Medicare Advantage Plan to the original Medicare in case if you are looking forward to traveling next year.

Was your recent checkup come out positive?

  • If any of you have been diagnosed with any recent illness, inform your health care provider immediately.
  • If you have informed of your condition right away, your prescription will be covered under your current plan.
  • If your current plan won’t cover your prescription, you should look for a new policy.

Will you receive any vision and dental coverage?

If you are using original Medicare, you won’t receive any dental or vision coverage from it. We are talking about Medicare Part A and Part B here. But you can get these benefits from the Medicare Advantage Plan.