Few Tips about Spanish Translation services for Legal advice


All professions, including legal agencies, regularly require legal translation services. Most of the time, there are established service companies around for decades, and clients are pleased with the translation services they turn out.


But what if you are looking to hire Spanish Translation Services and looking for someone that is not just professional but also accurate than the task of looking for the one is difficult. You cannot afford to have errors in the legal documents without drastic consequences.

We tell you how to determine which Spanish translation services you must opt to have the right experience.


  1. Look for reviews on their website:

Every translation services company worth their salt will have a digital presence in the form of a website or a twitter handle. Make sure that you research their credentials and experience before you hire them. You could also personally check with their customers if you want good service. Check on the translation accuracy, their delivery reliability, and how they manage their client’s work confidentiality.


  1. Double-check your translated legal document:

Have two translators at hand. Some of the Spanish translation service providers offer bouquet services that include proofreading services by another translator. If that is the case, then opt for it. You could also commission another legal translator to proofread your translated documents.


  1. Seek experienced legal translators:

Legal translated documents have too many things at stake for you most of the time, which is why you must never leave anything to errors or oversight. You may want to enquire about your legal translator’s experience and knowledge in handling legal work upfront. Check what language dictionaries they recommend and use for their work. A Spanish legal translator must have a legal dictionary and a few other bi-lingual dictionaries pertaining to the languages that he specializes in translating. Ask the translator what reference dictionaries he uses to get an instant reply from them like over a call or an instant text message.


  1. Specialized knowledge in law is a must:

Legal terms and phrases are not equal in all languages. It can be impossible to provide a legal translation into Spanish without having specialized knowledge in legal concepts as much as legal systems of both the languages to be translated.


  1. Well-stocked reference section:

The Spanish translation services striving to do legal translation work must have access to just the court cases, testimonies, codes, bills and laws and amendment, legal opinion, etcetera, and the Constitution of those countries along with the civil and criminal procedure codes followed in those legal systems. A Spanish legal translator that is not qualified or under-qualified may translate each word, which may sound ridiculously bad when read together.


  1. Spanish translation services must be privy to your trust:

Do not blindly trust any legal translator unless you have commissioned long term work to them and they have lived up to your expectations. This is especially true when the legal document will have to be submitted at consulates, courts, or other local government agencies. Insist on it being proofread by another legal translator if you want added peace of mind.

Every legal document that is translated must be clear and elegant in style. The document’s legal text must be as clear as in the original document without any obscurity or oversimplification.




Hope this would have given you a clear picture of what to expect from a Spanish translator service for legal help.