Innovative Bath and Toilet Aids That You Will Find in The Market


Bath and toilet aids are disability aids or independent living aids that allow the user to safely and independently use a bathroom. Designed for disabled or elderly users who are not mobile enough to undertake toilet and bathing-related activities on their own.


Constant research and development has meant that many independent living aids manufacturers have come up with a number of innovative products that make the whole experience for users a much safer one.

In this blog, we will cover some of the latest innovations in this space.


LED Grab Bars


LED grab bars are similar to a standard grab rail but have a LED light fitted to them that are motion or sound activated. This makes it much safer for disabled and elderly users to access the toilet at night.


LED grab rails utilise a small battery to power the LED bulbs that are built into these grab bars.


Rubber Raised Toilet Seats


These are raised toilet seats that are made out of rubber. Given that rubber is lighter and softer than plastic, it allows users to easily carry the raised toilet seat around as they travel.


Another use of rubber raised toilet seats is for users who are prone to pressure sores. Since rubber is softer than plastic, it is helpful for users who might get pressure sores using a hard surface such as plastic.


Taps or Faucets with Temperature Indicators


You can find taps and faucets for the basin and showering area that indicate the temperature of the water. This is quite convenient for elderly users who could easily misjudge the temperature of water.


Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats


As the name suggests these are toilet seats which glow in the dark. Thanks to an active chemical that makes the seats glow in the dark, allowing for easy navigation for the elderly and disabled users.






Bidets including Bidet Sprayers and Bidet Toilet Seats


Not really an innovation but a product that is gaining more and more popularity as it is a more greener option as compared to toilet paper. Bidets are very popular in Asia and are slowly making their way into the western world.


Bidet sprayers are smaller forms of handheld showers that are used for after-toilet cleaning. The water spray is much more concentrated as compared to a handheld shower.


Attached to an existing water connection, bidets have a head unit with a trigger that allows a user to control the flow of water.



Bidet seats on the other hand are toilet seats that have a built in water-nozzle for after-toilet cleaning purposes.


There are two variations of bidet seats you will find in the market, a manual model or an electric/smart model.


The latter is controlled using a remote and has many different cleaning modes and also features a self cleaning nozzle.