Name A Star And Personalize It


If you are willing to gift a star to your friends then this might be the best article for you. In this you will come to learn about the importance and how to name a star. You should make sure of one thing which is to find the right site for it.

Naming a star on your own will give you just a simple imagination but if you want to register your name for real then you will be required to visit some of the service providers out there. They work on the basis of constellations. As they first find out the one and then pick a star for you.

After getting your name registered you will come to get a certification right after. You simply need to add your address and the certification will be delivered right at your home without any issues at all. It will look good as there will be the image of stars and your name written on it.

It will be gift wrapped if you are choosing as a gift as that will absolutely look good without any doubt at all. In this way you can get a star named after you or your partner simply by sitting at home.

What kind of personalization you can do?

There are many things you can do but most importantly you need to make sure about one thing only that is the essential aspects. It looks much better than any other gifts in the market and also is is not that costly if you are using an online services for it.

Following are some of the personalization methods-

  1. Page color- The number one thing you can begin from is by changing he page color that you will get later on after registration. You can add any color but it should be done while browsing the website as there is nothing more you need to worry about.
  2. Welcome message- You can also personalize welcome message right away as that will look good at the time of log on to the website. Also it will drop a very positive impact on your friends or the loved ones so keep this thing in mind.
  3. Adding photos- Plenty of photos of your choice can be add up on the website which will definitely look good. Also you can import photo from your device too which is easy.
  4. Spotlight photo- There is one more type of photo that is called as spotlight. It is highlighted as soon as you open the link by entering the unique code. You can change this one easily just like adding another photos.
  5. Add a video – Video or video message will absolutely look good as a gift. With the image of stars you can also add a video of your choice simply at the time of registration.

These are some of the personalization you can focus on which will help in making the profile as well as the page more beautiful and attractive.