Important Facts That Will Must Be Proven in Your DUI Case in New Jersey


Charges for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in New Jersey are quite serious. A conviction can result in serious consequences including steep fines that start from $250 or imprisonment. The severity of the punishments administered depends on the circumstances of the case.

As with any other criminal case, the prosecution has the burden of proving that you committed the crime. The prosecution must establish the following facts in order to get a DUI conviction.

  1. Who you are

It should be established that you are indeed the person against whom the charges are being brought.

  1. That you were driving

The prosecution must establish that you were the person driving vehicle. Eye-witness accounts that can place you behind the wheel on the date of the arrest are the best way to establish this.

  1. That you were intoxicated

Prosecution must also establish that your blood alcohol levels exceeded the legal limit while you were driving. This is proven using the results of a blood test or a breath test.

What to do when faced with a DUI charge

Many people facing DUI charges lack the right information about how to approach these charges. Many assume that these cases are straightforward. They assume that there is no hope of avoiding conviction or getting reduced penalties.

Even in the face of all the evidence above, you still have a chance at avoiding a DUI conviction or heavy penalties. You should seek the services of a skilled and experienced criminal defence attorney in Freehold NJ to guide and defend you. A skilled and experienced lawyer can refute evidence presented or argue for your penalties to be reduced. Your attorney will also advise you on the best action to take and what to avoid based on the circumstances of your case.

Your first step after being charged with a DUI therefore ought to be searching for a criminal defence attorney to represent you. This simple step can mean the difference between you walking free and facing a jail term. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall to learn more.