10 Interesting Auto Glass Repair Facts


Have you ever been in a state of panic as you witness your broken windshield? Have you been told that replacement is the only option on your visit to a car repair showroom? Well, then it’s time to get familiar with some real-time facts about auto glass repair. Let’s go!

Dive into the exciting facts about your windshield

Before we go in detail, did you know that auto glasses are of two types—tempered auto glass and windshield glass. Tempered glass is mostly used in the rear and side windows. These are durable, but in case of a mishap, it breaks into small particles rather than breaking into dangerous shards. Windshield comprises of two layers of tempered glass and has a mid-layer of sticky laminate material that prevents injury to the driver and passenger in case of a collision.

  • Fact 1#

A windshield takes up 60% of the car weight during an accident, distorting its structural integrity. But it is imperative to research the kind of damage that occurred, so users will know if a small repair can fix it or need to go for a full replacement.

  • Fact 2#

A windshield is the most imperative safety instrument of your car. So in case, there are any crack, pits, or scratches, hire a professional company having expertise in glass resurfacing. This is because a tampered windshield can cause an obstruction in vision and lead to a mishap.

  • Fact 3#

While you are opting for a windshield repair, go for the premium quality adhesive to seal the damages and make the cracks and scratches virtually invisible.

  • Fact 4#

The windshield supports the car roof, and during a strong rollover, a high-quality windshield can prevent the car roof from collapsing. Hence, any damage to the windshield must be addressed as soon as possible.

  • Fact 5#

Did you know most airbags deployment depends on the windshield? You got another reason to fix your windshield as most car models have airbags positioned correctly in alignment with the windshield. However, a damaged windshield can cause incorrect airbag deployment, thus compromising the passengers’ safety.

  • Fact 6#

Did you know windshield repairs are the most common type of automobile insurance claim? Studies show that nearly 30% of the insurance claims are due to damaged windshields. As windshield is an integral part of the car, several insurance policies will partially bear the replacement or repair cost.

  • Fact 7#

Every chip can cause a different level of damage to your windshield. So your windshield repair or replacement will depend upon the type of chip that caused the damage.

  • Fact 8#

Ignoring a small chip may seem harmless initially, but in the long run with consistent exposure to other elements, this tiny chip can take a bigger form. So it is best to hire a professional to remove small chips from the windshield.

  • Fact 9#

Many users believe that DIY is the best option to repair their windshield. Undoubtedly it is a cost-effective method, but an ordinary person lacks the tools and expertise in repairing the windshield. This is why professional help is needed to remove glass scratches, crack, or chip from the windshield is imperative.

  • Fact 10#

Repairing a windshield is indeed a viable option, but it is best to seek expert advice. So if an expert believes that your windshield requires a replacement, go by their instincts.


So this is it! Here were some of the most intriguing facts any automobile owner must know about scratched glass repair and replacements.