Tiktok- A safe social media application


Safety is the critical point, and tiktok is giving 100% safety to its users. Billions of users use tiktok because it is a safe social media app. Earlier parents doesn’t allow their kids to use tiktok as they think that it is not a secure platform. But afterwards, they get to know that tiktok has various security features like lock-on profile, screen timing, restricted followers, etc. Children do not have sufficient knowledge; that’s why sometimes they buy tiktok likes to make their video appear on the top.

The all-new kids feature of tiktok!!Detailed information


It is a piece of good news for parents that now their kids can use tiktok as they have added a new feature.


  • The unique feature of tiktok has relieved the parents who have small children below the age of 13. In this feature, the children can make different videos on tiktok but cannot upload them. Yes, kids can indeed make unlimited videos on tiktok, but the app does not permit them to upload them.


  • It is the best feature to avoid children from social interaction. Children do not have enough knowledge about the world, so they may interact with various people who may bully them in the future. If they cannot upload videos on tiktok, then they will not buy tiktok likes.


  • So it’s better to restrict the uploading feature. The kid’s version of tiktok has gained immense popularity. It is the right platform where kids can make their videos and learn new skills. Parents are taking care of their kids and check their tiktok accounts regularly.


Screen timing- An important safety feature


Screen Time is the best feature because when people use tiktok, they become addicted to it. When you have decided the screen timing and if you exceed the limit, your tiktok gets locked. If you are using tiktok all the time, then you should add screen timing to restrict your use. Parents add screen timing on their kid’s tiktok account so that they cannot use them all the time. You will find all the safety features in the settings option. If you do not understand any of its features, you can contact the helpline center.


The screen time feature is applicable for everyone; no matter you are kids or a teenager. Many people love to watch tiktok videos and spend all of their time watching videos. So they can also put screen timing so that they cannot view the videos beyond a limit. The tiktok user should have excellent acting skills if they want to become famous at a vast level.



To sum up with


To conclude, here we have discussed the safety features of the tiktok application. The tiktok has given an immense benefit that is why it has more than 8 billion users. Moreover, it depends upon the person whether they are buying paid likes or not. Parents should not provide card details to their children as, without bank details, they cannot purchase anything.