6 Distinguishing Features of a Good Ecommerce Website


A good Ecommerce website must comprise of characteristics and features that will define itself from the average ones. We’ll have a detailed look into 6 of those distinguishing features that constitute a good Ecommerce website.

  1. Easy and simple website layout: 

It’s incredibly critical in creating a website that’s easy to use from a customer perspective. A few years back, a study said that more than 75 percent of the customers feel that one of the essential features of a good eCommerce site should be ease of use.

Your ultimate target is to enable the customers to land on the exact page they’re looking for. It would be best if you kept it that way simple and effortless. It is vital to keep your customers happy by providing a hassle-free shopping experience and, possibly retain that customer for a repeat business model.

  1. Best quality in graphics:

Earlier, the online platforms contained more description and less focus on the quality of product pictures. Nowadays, the tide has turned. There’s more focus put on the quality and styles of product pictures. Customers nowadays are expecting a product to be seen from every possible angle. Hence, you’ll see high-quality imagery in a good eCommerce site.

  1. Users Review page:

More often than not, every customer tends to read reviews of a product from multiple sources before buying it. It’ll depend on the quality of the products sold since users’ surveys can be negative or positive.

In a good eCommerce website, you’ll always tend to see more good user reviews than negative ones. But if you find that a product doesn’t even have a single negative comment, it could also mean that the review is fake.

  1. Discounts on the page: 

Giving away massive discounts is one of the unique selling points of an Ecommerce agency. You’ll notice that almost all the sites will be offering discounts through various models. It could be either through messages or via e-mail or social media marketing. Getting discounts is known to be the trigger point for a customer to buy a product.

  1. Safety and security: 

A good eCommerce site will have a safe and secure website as they are the target of hackers all the time. Have you ever come across an SSL certificate? This is given to eCommerce sites that provide a secure payment gate for their customers for transactions. Firewall security is also a security protocol that good eCommerce sites tend to take. This is to block out all the third-party attackers and only provide a safe gateway between two parties.

  1. Shipping policies: 

Most of the excellent eCommerce sites will provide you with the shipping details right at the checkout process and the zip code. This is done to calculate the cost associated with delivery deadlines, as well. Some sites would even provide express delivery if your zip code falls in their early deliverable zones.

In conclusion, a good eCommerce site will have at least most of the above features.