Certain Challenges faced by mothers while breastfeeding!


Parenting community is quite controversial because of many reasons. All the decisions made by parents are intensely entrenched with personal experience and emotions. The first thing that comes in mind is breastfeeding that need to be continued for the first year of age of baby. The moms are always stuck between the idea of choosing breastfeeding and formula feeding. The most crucial thing is growth of baby and that can only be done by providing essential nutrients to their body. Every parent wants the best for their babies and you don’t need to guilt about your choices no matter whether you choose breastfeeding or formula feeding.

Health experts trust on breast milk and consider it the nutritional choice for babies but no all mothers can give breast milk. The decision to move from breastfeed to formula feed can be because of lifestyle, comfort level or some particular medical conditions. If you are switching to formula feed then make sure to check Holle formula review. Let us know the challenges faced by mother in breastfeeding their babies in detail:


Breastfeeding challenges

Breastfeeding depends on the body of the mother as some find it quite easy while some are always struggling. Both babies and mother require patience to get used to of breastfeeding. New moms find it difficult in the first few months and have some concerns like uncomforted, pain, restless and more. Most moms feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding their baby but with support, practice and knowledge of this, they can easily overcome the challenges.

1. Diet

Mothers need to take proper care of their diet and know what they drink and eat. The milk is passed to baby throughout breast milk. They need to take fibrous fruits and vegetables that are easily digestible for both mothers and babies. At the time of pregnancy, women are recommended to avoid eating fish as it is rich in mercury and pregnant women must lower the consumption of mercury fish.
Women must avoid drinking alcohol as it can pass through breast milk to the baby. Also, caffeine intake should be limited as it can cause issues like irritability and restlessness to babies.

2. Time and frequency of breastfeeding

In the first few weeks or months when babies feed often, mothers are required to be committed towards breastfeeding. Breastfeeding babies and the required to use breast pump makes it harder for working moms to work, run and travel. As breast milk digests easily and faster than the formula, babies are required to eat more often. While in formula feeding, there is no such issue as baby stay filled with formula.

3. Medicines, medical conditions and breast surgery

Medical conditions like AIDS or HIV make it unsafe to breastfeeding as it involves treatments with medicines and chemotherapy. Mothers must definitely consult lactation consultant to know about the conditions where they should avoid breastfeeding. Also, mothers who have get done breast surgery face difficult in breastfeeding as the milk ducts are detached.

These challenges make it uncomfortable for mothers to give breast milk to their babies. In all these cases, it is better to switch to formula feeding which is the best and nutritious alternate to breast milk.